Antiques Roadshow

leiladunbar.comSince its inception in 1996, Leila has participated as an appraiser on the PBS television series “The Antiques Roadshow”, focusing on sports memorabilia, toys and collectibles, appearing in more then 65 televised segments and providing more than 3,000 verbal appraisals.

Being a part of the Antiques Roadshow for 18 years has been a phenomenal experience as it serves as a constant opportunity to explore pop culture history.

Guests have brought in items that re-examine past sports heroes, team or events in a different light, such as Lou Groza, the New York Yankees and the World Series; or pieces that represent largely forgotten or obscure athletes, such as the All-American Red Heads Women’s Pro Basketball Team of the 1940’s, the Negro Leagues or Dan Patch, who was the fastest horse in his day.


2006, Milwaukee – Dan Patch was one of the first athletes to endorse a number of products, including tobacco, whiskey, feed, china and even sewing machines! In 1906 he set a world record of running the mile in 1 minute 55 seconds. Today he would be endorsing Nike!

leiladunbar.comIn entertainment, one can see the roots of fan collecting trends from an era without television; signed bandleader and entertainer photos, signed books, costumes from movie stars such as Elizabeth Taylor or live entertainers such as Sonja Henie and Hinda Wassau, a burlesque queen.

2011, Pittsburgh – It looks tame, but this 1920’s Hinda Wassau stripper outfit has snaps that allow it to be whisked off quickly (on stage!).

In collectibles there have been trips to the Cincinnati Sign Museum to discuss the history of wooden, porcelain and neon signs; to the Coca-Cola archives to try to solve the mystery of missing Norman Rockwell 1930’s Coca-Cola calendar artwork; plus great toys and banks that reflect the eye of their time. The story is always the major factor in choosing items for a television segment.

Past Antique’s Roadshow segmented videos can be access here

2013, Baton Rouge
We’re breaking the huddle with this 1962 Packers signed football

2013, Baton Rouge
1940’s Women’s Professional Basketball Collection, Terry’s mom modeled and played for the All-American Red Heads. Were they all natural redheads? Only their hairdressers know for sure! 

2002, Charlotte
Ty Cobb signed baseball, a Georgia Peach of a signature 

2010, Des Moines
Fat Men’s Amusement Club Collection, this team did not lead the league in stolen bases! 

2010, San Diego
1932 Bobby Jones Hickory Shafted Golf Clubs, The only year Spalding made wood shafted Jones clubs, as golfers were transitioning to steel shafts for their added strength and distance. 

2010, San Diego
Ted Koehler wrote the lyrics to “Stormy Weather”, one of the great classics in the American Song Book, in a half hour while at a party, on Cotton Club stationary.