“Moore, who died in December at the age of 85, strove throughout his life to keep the Lone Ranger’s identity closely linked to his own; the mask remained a constant part of his persona and a symbol of clean-cut heroism. Long after he rode off into the sunset for the last time on TV, Moore continued to sport the Lone Ranger costume while speaking to children around the country about the importance of honesty, respect and fairness; he even refused to be photographed without the mask. In 1979, the seemingly innocuous item  sparked a five-year legal feud when the Wrather Corp., then owner of the rights to the Lone Ranger, sought to stop Moore from wearing it or appearing in character at all in public. Though more than a generation had passed since he first donned it, Moore’s fans were still incredibly devoted, and their outcry in support of him led the Wrather Corp. to drop their case. The mask, which according to TV lore was made from the vest of the Lone Ranger’s slain brother, is estimated at $40/60,000. Sotheby’s sale will also include several variations of the mask as well as the Pierre Cardin sunglasses Moore wore during the “prohibition era” in an effort to preserve the character’s mysterious essence….”